Höstpoesi /Autumn poetry



No, you never left…
Your light still shines,
in the warm, golden colors
of my darkening
autumn days.

Every second you seep into
the secret corners of my heart.
Your spirit
glimmers like diamonds,
still touching my soul.
No, you never left…




Let me be a dream
flowing through your soul.
Let me fly among your
autumn leaves,
golden, in your fantasy.
Let me,
I will let you…

Let my eyes
meet yours in the mirror.
I will sing a love song,
each word is true,
as they fall, softly,
a summer rain
inside your heart.
Let me,
I will let you…




I am October,
leaves swirling in the wind,
orange, golden, fire flakes.
I am the misty mornings,
the haze rising from the lakes.

I am the wine-red treetops
burning right into the bluest sky.
I am the crisp and cool air,
the autumn birds that fly.

I am the frosty mornings,
the short and darkening days,
the rain that pours down,
the stormwinds blowing
in your face.

I am those red green apples,
still hanging on a tree.
Yes, I am October,
all this heart and passion
burning inside me.




What if I told you,
in this moment,
I have no memory,
no tomorrow,
only now,
only this light,
the sun flying across the fields,
the golden grass rising,
the flowers of satin white
smiling in the morning dew.

What if I told you
this is enough,
this moment with you.
What if I told you…




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