Another Day



There’s no need, my love,
to search for darkness,
it will find you anyway.
There’s no need to explore
those grey mean places, faces,
of scares and pains,
they will find you
fumbling astray, so pass, don’t stay,
go the other way, higher, beyond.
Find that other side, search for hope,
fly above, fall in love,
kiss the sky, fly, just fly.
Look around,
there’s miles of unexpected smiles,
songs of passion, independent of fashion,
heartbeats of wonder,
if you just fly beyond there.
Run away with your senses,
escape all those fences.
See the sun shining through,
with rainbow colors,
just for you.
Feel all your dreams come true,
by the lake of hope and desire.
Feel the peace, never tire.
There’s no need, my love,
to search for darkness,
it’ll find you anyway,
so pass, just walk away,
let darkness come another day.



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